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Mai Star, a Mai-HiME/Otome RPG
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Welcome to Mai Star, a Mai-HiME/Otome crossover RPG! The story? For some unknown reason, the cast of Mai-HiME has been thrown far into the future and to the world of Mai-Otome. There, they'll meet... themselves?

Made to be a both crackish and serious game, molded slightly after the famed OMG rpgs, Mai Star is sure to be fun for everyone who joins!

Want to join? Check out the rules and character list below, then follow the link to the applications. :D

.: M O D :.

AIM: Darth Suna
MSN: rikkuofthesand@gmail.com
Email: same as above
Character(s): kuga_natsuki

.: R U L E S :.

1. No godmoding! If you don't know what godmoding is, ask someone!

2. Be nice. It's okay to fight IC, but doing it OOC is something that is not tolerated. If you have a problem with another character, contact the mod(s). Try to settle things in a civil manner!

3. Please, please, don't try to take on a character you can't write for. You won't be accepted if you make any of our wonderful characters horribly out of character. They will be shot by Natsuki Kuga. :D;;

4. Any and ALL pairings are accepted. If you have a problem with homosexual or heterosexual relationships, go away.

5. Smut is allowed, but please put it under a cut and put a warning in your post in some way, shape, or form. There are people who don't like it, and finding out by reading it will not make a happy mun. :P

6. No OCs are allowed at this point. You may, however, apply for the super minor characters in HiME that never got a personality until Otome we never got to see in action until Otome.

7. Since Mari (me :D) likes to think that Sergey and Tate are different people, they will be considered different in this roleplay. This means that a Sergey in the HiME world may be applied for if someone wishes to.

8. A journal for each character must be made.

9. When applying, the sekrit code is 'wish upon a blue star.' If this is not included, the application will be rejected. (I will, however, let the applicant resubmit. ^-^)

10. Just to keep things simple, all names will be written as given name then family name. So, Mai's name will be written as Mai Tokiha for both verses.

11. Players will be allowed up to two characters for now. If I think that a player is capable of handling more than this, I will make an exception. :D

12. Rules are subject to change at any time, because Mari probably forgot something. In the even that this happens, a post will be made to the community, letting everyone know of the change.

.: t a k e n C H A R A C T E R S :.

Character :: mun journal//character journal


Akira Okuzaki :: peace_piper//akirahime
Haruka Suzushiro :: evadoll//director_haruka
Mai Tokiha :: lady_yunie//mai_phoenix
Nao Yuki :: vinforspi//yuki_nao
Natsuki Kuga :: coyul//kuga_natsuki
Shizuru Fujino :: sylphid//fujino_shizuru
Yuuichi Tate :: snuzzie//mustprotecther


Natsuki Kruger :: n/a//icekruger
Shizuru Viola :: dusktodawn//amethyststars


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