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06 February 2006 @ 07:11 pm
Reply here with the following:

Your name:
Other messengers?:

HiME or Otome?:
Short history(just a few sentences to let me know you know your character):
Third person roleplay example:
Journal entry example:

What's the sekrit code?:

Entries are screened until accepted. If you have any questions, ask away~
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What Dreams are Made of: Gryffindor is teh crazysnuzzie on February 7th, 2006 04:58 am (UTC)
Your name: Snuzzie
Age: 16
AIM: Light of Anduril
Other messengers?: Yahoo and MSN, but I don't use them, really.

HiME or Otome?: HiME
Character: Tate Yuiichi
Short history(just a few sentences to let me know you know your character): Tate is an only child who grew up with Minakata Shiho. Attending Fuuka Academy with Shiho, Tate was coming back for one of his remaining years at the academy when he met Tokiha Mai and Takumi. At the Academy, Tate interacts with Mai and company on a daily basis, although he and the vivacious red haired girl rarely get along. As time continues, however, Tate finds himself becoming oddly attached to Mai, all logic aside. He finds that he can comfort her naturally and finds her attraction to Kanzaki Reito to be oddly disturbing. As he discovers the secrets of the HiME's, Tate become strangely disconnected, wanting to protect those he cares about, but finding himself helpless in the process. Bringing back unwanted memories and responsibilities of his own active and carefree days with the Kendo team, Tate reluctantly watches as Mai becomes stronger, while he himself can do little to protect even Shiho. Realizing his love for Mai after being brought back to life again for the final battle, Tate seeks to strenghten himself and his bond to Mai.

Third person roleplay example: Tate glanced around him, hoping that no one from the team was watching. He had agreed to rejoin the team again, sure, but if he had to partake in yet another practice, he would felt he would have to throw himself off a cliff or something equally high. It was, what, the fifth practice in two days? Did he look like he had no other life? He snuck around the corner of the wall, head turned back the way he had come. Unfortunately, by the time he realized who he had run into, it was too late to turn back.

"Where do you think you're going, Tate?" Reito smiled widely.

First person/Journal entry example: That Reito! He dragged me right back to practice and, of course, I couldn't get away this time. Why, I swear, if half the campus wasn't in love with that pretty boy face of his, I could hit him right upside the head and then we'd see who has the ultimate authority and who Mai wants to be with. Obviously not him. The egotistical bastard.

What's the sekrit code?: Wish upon a blue star
Keep on Rockin' in MIDGAR: Faerie Queencoyul on February 7th, 2006 01:36 pm (UTC)
Accepted. :D Make a journal and reply. Then, please reply to the contact list linked in the userinfo. :D